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7 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Marketing Tasks for Your Small Business

Seven founders and CEOs reveal why outsourcing marketing tasks has been a game-changer for their small businesses. These leaders share their success stories, beginning with the strategic benefits of specialized expertise and culminating in the global talent that transforms their brand's reach. Discover the seven compelling reasons that have these business-savvy professionals celebrating their decision to outsource.

  • Specialized Expertise Boosting Business

  • Maintaining Focus on Core Business

  • Outsource Tasks, Amplifying Enjoyment

  • Strategic Outsourcing for Limited Resources

  • Expert Marketing at Cost-Effective Rates

  • Outsourcing for Superior Graphic Design

  • Global Talent Elevating Brand Impact

Specialized Expertise Boosting Business

Outsourcing marketing tasks allowed me to tap into specialized expertise that was hard to find and retain in-house. It also proved more cost-effective, as it eliminated expenses like employee benefits and training. 

For instance, partnering with a self-storage digital marketing agency helped me increase occupancy rates, enhance brand visibility, and drive more traffic to my website. A specific example is when we grew our client's organic traffic by 623% in just over a year by utilizing their keyword research and content strategy process. 

Bottom line, outsourcing allowed me to focus on what I do best—running my business—while the experts handled the rest.

Maintaining Focus on Core Business

Business owners must focus on their core competency, which is almost never marketing. In my SEO agency, I specialize in a single aspect of marketing and have to lean on other freelancers to carry the weight for other aspects of marketing. I'm happy with this decision because it lets me keep the main thing the main thing.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Outsource Tasks, Amplifying Enjoyment

I think it can be most productive to outsource the tasks you least enjoy doing—the ones you always procrastinate over and that end up taking way longer than they should.

I found that by outsourcing these kinds of marketing tasks, such as creating YouTube Shorts following a predefined format, I could focus my efforts on the things I enjoy the most and that add the most value to my business.

Strategic Outsourcing for Limited Resources

Outsourcing marketing is often because of a lack of internal resources, a situation common for small businesses where marketing teams are typically small or comprise only one person. 

A practical strategy to overcome this limitation is to outsource routine and repetitive tasks. These tasks, while having a minimal impact on quality, are essential for maintaining marketing operations, such as filling in templates, setting up social media campaigns, or organic posting on social media platforms. 

By this, the task of actually posting is meant, not the creation of content, which is a value-adding task that should remain with the in-house marketing team. It's crucial to recognize that core tasks and value-adding work must stay within the company. 

Nevertheless, many small businesses outsource entire campaigns, even though the strategic groundwork necessitates a thorough understanding of the company, its target group, and the target market. Therefore, the primary criterion for outsourcing should be whether the task adds core value to the business.

Stephan Wenger, Founder and Editor, B2B Marketing World

Expert Marketing at Cost-Effective Rates

We don't outsource, but we're the marketing agency that helps small businesses.

One compelling reason you should decide to outsource marketing tasks is the effectiveness of letting experts handle them professionally. Recognizing the specialized skills and knowledge required in the ever-evolving marketing field, let the professionals bring their expertise to the table.

Other than that, hiring an in-house marketing team can be cost-prohibitive for a small business. Outsourcing provides a cost-effective solution, as it allows us to access a team of skilled professionals without the overhead costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house team.

Outsourcing for Superior Graphic Design

I often outsource graphic design tasks. I'm a halfway-decent designer and can do most of my own photo touch-up and graphic design, but for larger sales or more complicated designs, like large sales flyers or infographics, I'll often outsource this as it's cheap, and I can get better results outsourcing than I could do myself.

John Frigo, Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Global Talent Elevating Brand Impact

Outsourcing our marketing tasks was a strategic move that reflects our commitment to innovation and efficiency. I am personally convinced that talented experts can be found all around the world. That is why we are also exploring offshore opportunities to maintain a high quality of work.

By partnering with external marketing professionals, we weave a web of passion and advanced technological resources, elevating our brand's impact and reach. This approach not only optimizes our operational costs but also welcomes a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem that challenges the traditional business model.

I am proud of our team as it drives us toward a future full of agility and expertise, setting a new benchmark in our industry. This move is a real game-changer in our pursuit of excellence and growth.

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