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Hey! Alycia here...

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a former healthcare professional transformed into a mompreneur. Helping people has always been my passion. It started with being the big sister. Even though there were some bumps and bruises I wish the boys (my brothers) could have avoided, it inspired me to become a nurse. Well, that did not actually happen. However, working as a medical assistant was a close runner up. The impact I made on the patients I served NEVER disappointed! Who knew the special requests to have ME draw blood or give injections would ever be a thing?! It was, and it still makes my heart smile. My current "job" is very different than patient care, but still yields high impact on the clients I serve. Are you ready to delegate some tasks so you can get back to doing more of what you love? Let's start a new venture together!  

Beyond the laptop...

Ok, but who am I really??? A proud mother to 4 beautiful children, wife and Yorkie lover. Oh and these are important too:​

🧁 Are my spirit animal

☕ Everything is better with coffee

♈ I am a true Aries

🍍 Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza

📺 Parenthood is my favorite TV series

🏀 I enjoy watching ESPN

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Image by Jennie Brown

Meet Giselle!

Giselle-13 (2).jpg

It's me... Giselle

I am a dynamic administrative professional who thrives in a virtual environment! Hence my role as a Virtual Assistant. My superpowers include attention to detail, process improvement, customer service and back-office organization. I believe a growth mindset is not only critical to success in my career, but also a fundamental building block to life, fun, and prosperity. As a non-traditional student and working professional, I am a strong DEI advocate.

Beyond the laptop...

I am one of 6 siblings (3 boys and 3 girls) born and raised in Colorado. My goals in life include:

🌎 Making my place in the world using radical kindness as a vehicle

✈️ Traveling to state fairs to try funnel cakes, and eventually

🏚️ Buying a remote cottage with a premium wifi connection and tons of insect repellent to live out my recluse dreams

Honorable mentions

✅ True gamer

✅ Baking extraordinaire

✅ Embroidery

✅ Plush making

✅ Writing

✅ Reading

✅ Creative at heart-- painting portraits & memes

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