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4 Common Virtual Assistant Specialties

When it comes to outsourcing it is not always a one size fits all solution. Solopreneurs and small business owners often wear many hats, but that does not mean your virtual assistant partner is the same. Before hiring a virtual assistant, you should identify the areas of your business that needs the most support. As you brainstorm the task you would like to delegate do not limit yourself! It is easy to think things have to be done by you, but in fact, that is not always the case.

In a previous blog post we talked about the differences between an Online Business Manager (OBM) and Virtual Assistant (VA). Before you start interviewing candidates it is important to understand what you are asking for so that when you get to your discovery calls the conversation is efficient.

4 Types of Virtual Assistants

  • General Administrative

A general virtual assistant is very similar to an administrative assistant working in a corporate setting. They are responsible for a variety of entry-level tasks such as appointment scheduling, data entry, inbox management and document creation.

  • Systems Specialist

A systems virtual assistant is an expert in helping setup and manage systems utilized in your small business. These VAs are tech-savvy and can also serve as a thought partner as you explore tools and systems that may be a good fit in order to achieve your business goals.

  • Social Media Manager

A social media virtual assistant is just that! They provide the support needed to execute your marketing strategy. This includes graphic design, copywriting, engagement and scheduling/direct posting on your social media channels.

  • Digital Specialist

A digital marketing virtual assistant is similar to a social media VA, but also focus on email marketing, blog writing and overall sales strategy and funnels. Digital marketing VAs create email campaigns, convert blog posts into e-books and design landing pages. If you are a coach or consultant that offers courses and webinars a digital marketing VA would definitely be a great partner.

Don’t get discouraged if you find you need support in all the areas mentioned above! Building a team that includes more than one VA is totally fine. You also may get lucky and find a swiss army knife that has several specialties. We are just a discovery call away from helping you get some things off your plate. Click here to book today!


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