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Roadmap to Outsourcing Social Media for Your Small Business

Did you have a fully fleshed out marketing strategy when you started your small business? I certainly did not! When the light bulb went off and sling shotted me into entrepreneurship, I knew I needed a digital marketing plan but I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant? With the number of internet users on the rise social media is non negotiable!

Am I Ready to Outsource Social Media?

Social media could be a major thorn in your side, but it doesn’t have to be! Outsource this function to a social media manager if you cringe when it’s time to sit down and create content. It’s time to outsource if any of the following apply to you:

  • Inconsistent posting

  • Spending hours researching content

  • Lacking strategy

  • Often falls to the bottom of your to-do list

Before you Hire a Social Media Manager

As with any other role/function a job description or scope of work needs to be created. There are a few key things you as the business owner are responsible for to help ensure the onboarding process is seamless. Begin brainstorming and documenting your social media plan. Start by asking yourself these five questions:

  1. Who is my audience

  2. What kind of content should I share

  3. How often should I post

  4. What are the goals

  5. How will I measure success

Congratulations! You have built the framework for your social media strategy. Now it’s time to focus on the execution. A social media manager will take the plan you created and build a content calendar. The content calendar will determine when and where the content will be published. This document can be as collaborative as you want it to be!

Creative PlanHer loves hanging out in Canva and developing social media content-hence “Creative” in our name. We are here to support you with the implementation of your social media strategy. Book a FREE consultation today to learn more about how we can partner.


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