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Returning to Work After the Holidays

Happy New Year! As you head back to your desk, there are a few things you should do to position your business for a strong year ahead. These include small tasks, such as updating and changing your passwords, to big ones, such as asking yourself the philosophical, soul-searching question: Is everything I’m doing worth the time and energy I’m putting into it?

How to Ease Back Into Your Routine

Let’s start with an easy 1–2–3 that focuses on the small stuff.

  1. Craft unique, complex, and new passwords for the new year. As we all entrust increasing amounts of personal information to organizations and businesses that are vulnerable to data breaches and password leaks, it’s critical that we take the precaution of updating our usernames and passwords for all of our online accounts.

  2. Update your online personal and business profiles with new photos and bios/company descriptions that are customized for each platform and approachable for the people you’d like to reach. Don’t have time? Outsource this to us at Creative PlanHer.

  3. Schedule a regular, recurring time to "meet with yourself." Spend this dedicated time in 2022 investing in a little self-care or creating the space to lift yourself up from the day-to-day and plan and create for your business.

Now for that big, philosophical, soul-searching question: Is everything I’m doing worth the time and energy I’m putting into it? In a Forbes article forecasting business trends in 2022, the author calls out the fact that the business world has never been so integrated and that, in the future, it will become increasingly difficult for a business to succeed without establishing close partnerships with other organizations.

It can feel overwhelming to think about bringing on a partner. Engaging a virtual assistant is a great, low-risk partnership to start with. The rewards, which are typically immediate, are a big step toward improving efficiencies. At Creative PlanHer, we work with you to identify the tasks on your to-do list that are obsolete or unnecessary, or that we can take on so that you have more time to do more of the work that directly generates revenue for your business. Let’s talk!


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