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How to Prepare for Time Off During the Holidays

Countdown to Log Off

The holidays are upon us, and last week, I took a big breath and broke the news to my clients … I’m going on vacation! As a small business owner, stepping away from your desk and turning on your out-of-office can be scary. Yet, according to Fundera statistics, 81 percent of business owners work nights, 89 percent work weekends, and most work over 40 hours a week. We have earned a vacation, and if you manage it well, your business won’t skip a beat.

Here are a few tips:

4. Give advance notice.

Let your clients and vendors know your vacation schedule two to four weeks in advance.

3. Preschedule it.

Schedule content to publish on social media and website platforms while you are away. If you work in Gmail, you can also schedule emails to be sent at a later time.

2. Turn your out-of-office message into an opportunity.

This timeless HBR article makes a compelling pitch for the OOO-opportunity. Consider a message that shares meaning: Why are you taking time away from the office? Where are you going on vacation, and what’s one small thing you’re looking forward to doing while there? Or consider a message that offers a resource like this one that I’ll be using while I’m away: Hi! Happy holidays. It’s time for my annual vacation. I look forward to responding to your email when I return. In the meantime, for our clients, I wanted to share this article on using a block schedule for purposeful planning. This is a hack that can make you more productive in the new year.

1. Hire a virtual assistant.

With so many things to do before heading out, we can all use a little help. At Creative PlanHer, we can help you develop your out-of-office plan, reschedule appointments for when you return, and ensure your social media never rests even when you do. Let’s talk!

Look for my next blog in January where I’ll share some tips for a productive re-entry in 2022.


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