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The Importance of Your Email Domain

Your Email Domain is Important

Woo hoo! You are finally biting the bullet and starting your business. Or maybe you have been providing services as a freelancer for a while and are ready to take the leap from side-hustle to full-time gig. The Small Business Administration outlines the basic Steps to Starting a Business. Once all the formalities are complete, then what? Time to set up your business email address.

Establishing your Professional Presence

You’ve selected your business name, identified your brand scheme and developed your website. Now, how are you going to communicate with your potential customers? One of the answers should be via email! Whether this is triggered from the contact page on our website or cold lead communication. The perception of the sender’s email reading “” vs “” has a larger impact than you think!

Although you cannot control whether your email will even be opened, you can increase the click rate with a professional email. You only get ONE first impression, so you have to make it count! Make it easy for the public to recognize your business as a BUSINESS.

Does Using a Custom Email Address Matter?

YES! Not only does it help establish your professionalism it also serves as a marketing tool. How though? Remember that time you were paying for your lunch and there was a clear container full of business cards by the register? One of those business cards caught your eye, but you could only see the person’s name, phone number and email address. You took a mental snapshot. Then you sit down to enjoy your burrito and proceed to search that domain from your smartphone. Voilà, this person just increased their website traffic and maybe even a new customer!

Your future self will also thank you for setting up custom email addresses for team members. In a perfect world, we recruit and hire the person that will stay with us FOREVER! The reality is people come and people go. How awful would it be if your operations manager left and had all your SOPs stored in their email? AWFUL! Utilizing custom emails allows you to maintain the integrity of company collateral.

The thought of leaving Gmail may be causing heart palpitations… Breathe! Relax! You can create a custom email address using your domain and access via google. Google Workspace has done a great job of publishing FAQs and providing 24/7 support.

My commitment to you is to provide value in exchange for your time and engagement. If there is a topic of interest, please do not hesitate to reach out! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you come back Wednesday, February 24 to read our guest blog by Simone D. Ross…

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