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Being a B!*%h vs Being a Strong Woman

Let's talk REAL here for a moment.

In a world where women are steadily climbing to the top of their corporate positions, running and managing their own businesses and having to speak up and out more than ever, there is not only a desire to be liked, but an even stronger desire to be respected.

So why is it when a woman has a voice, stands true in her convictions and is aggressive in their approach, the word "b!*%h" comes flying out of people's mouths?

Let's be clear on a few things here.

None of these adjectives define the word B!*%H:⁠

  • Assertive⁠

  • Aggressive⁠

  • Determined⁠

  • Holding steady to values

  • High expectations⁠

  • Hard working⁠

  • Truth slayer⁠

Setting clear goals, objectives and expectations is actually what makes you a GOOD business owner not a raging b!*%h.⁠ ⁠In doing this your employees and clients have a CLEAR idea of what is expected of them and are not left unorganized or confused.⁠

They also have a standard to live up to, one in which they can grow and set attainable goals and feel the joy in growth if they do the work.⁠ Did you realize that if you are asking others to step up to the plate and providing resources for them along the way, you are actually guiding, mentoring and aiding in growth rather than just being a b!*%h and demanding more.⁠

When creating your own small business you really are allowed to CHOOSE who works for you and who your clients are. Alignment is so very important.⁠ If they know exactly where you stand, what to expect and there is a mutual agreement to that, then how can you be a B!*%H?⁠ Aren't you just assertive and clear and concise?⁠ So how exactly do you go about this?

Try this on.

  1. Be authentic in your values. People WILL see that and differentiate.

  2. Realize that you HAVE THE RIGHT to set boundaries!

  3. Stand tall knowing that in speaking your truth you are being ASSERTIVE and not a bitch.

  4. If you are consistent with your convictions as an EXPECTATION rather than just a random ask, that consistency shows alignment in values and not bitchiness.

So when it comes to being a business owner, set clear and concise goals, voice your expectations, use your voice to deliver your needs and provide valuable resources to support others so they are in alignment with your asks, and demand the quality that you set out for your business to have.

And if someone calls you a b!*%h, well, maybe saying "Thank You" is appropriate.

Courtney is the founder of CreativeSOCIAL360. She is dedicated to working one-on-one with entrepreneurs teaching them how to manage all their platforms, marketing and clients with EASE! To get connected with Courtney you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.


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