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How to Evaluate Your Small Business Goals

The high from “New Year, New Me” is probably starting to wear off as you are consumed by the daily operations of your small business. It is very possible that you have not even looked at your goals since you confirmed them in January. The rest of the year is going to fly by just as quickly as Q1. So let’s dive into how you can stay on top of evaluating your goals so you are not stuck playing catch up the last quarter of the year.

5 Step Checklist for Evaluating Goals:

Review the S.M.A.R.T. goal

Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Was the goal specific?

  • Do you have all the necessary sub-tasks to complete the goal?

  • What is missing?

Reference the initial deadline

Look at the completion date you set. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I on track?

  • Do I need extra time to complete?

  • Are the subtasks properly aligned with appropriate deadlines?

Make revisions based on challenges

It is totally OK to modify the initial goal if you foresee issues completing. Give yourself grace and revise the goal into one that is attainable.

Create future milestones

Based on the information you gathered from step one and two, create actionable steps that indicate you will be on track to meet deadlines.

Schedule a 30-day check in to document progress

Keep making time to check-in with yourself! The key to success is remaining consistent EVEN when it comes to YOUR business.

Are you wondering how the heck you are going to stay on top of tracking your goals? First and foremost, you have to make this a priority! Schedule monthly CEO check-ins. Next, consider using a project management tool to help keep you organized. We have a few pointers in a previous blog, How to Use Trello in Your Small Business. Lastly, outsource some tasks to make time on your calendar for this monthly ritual. Creative PlanHer is only a discovery call away for helping you stay on target with your 2022 goals. Book a FREE consult call today!


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