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8 Instances Where Hiring a Virtual Assistant Saved Time and Money

Discover how eight entrepreneurs, including Founders and CEOs, leverage virtual assistants to streamline their operations. From delegating for business growth to research outsourcing yields time and savings, these leaders share specific instances where a VA made a significant impact on their time and finances.

  • Delegating for Business Growth

  • Outsourcing Tasks to Focus on Strengths

  • Virtual Bookkeeping Saves Time and Money

  • Enhancing Client Relationships and Growth

  • Contributing to Faster Project Completion

  • Boosting Holiday Sales With Virtual Assistance

  • Freeing Time for Marketing Focus

  • Research Outsourcing Yields Time and Savings

Delegating for Business Growth

Hiring a virtual assistant has been a game-changer for my business, and here's why. As a busy mom, I want to grow my media coaching business, but I just don't have the time (or brainpower) to send out email after email. 

Right now, my goal is to build my audience, and hiring a VA has allowed me to pass off the work to her and focus on the parts of my business that only I can handle. She is reaching out to get me on podcasts, engaging in Instagram Lives with other entrepreneurs in my space, and handling my scheduling. 

She sends me updates as to what she's doing, and everything is organized, professional, and ready for me when it's time for me to show up. Hiring a VA has been the greatest thing for me!

Mercedes Barba, PR and Media Coach for Small Businesses, Mercedes and Media

Outsourcing Tasks to Focus on Strengths

I like to outsource tasks in my business that either 1) I'm not great at or 2) don't enjoy. When I don't enjoy something, I take ten times longer to do it than it would for someone who loves that type of work and is knowledgeable in that field. 

Then, I can focus my time and energy on things I love doing and that are in my zone of genius. I currently have someone helping me create blogs from podcast episodes that I have created because I don't enjoy creating blogs, although I know people do like to consume content by reading.

I can respond to the blog that my virtual assistant (VA) created for me, tweak it to make sure it reflects my voice, and then she’ll upload the blog on my website, thus saving me hours of time. I believe we have been taught that we have to do it all ourselves in business when we first get started, and I think it slows us down and holds us back. 

We can focus on the stuff that we love and are great at, and then slowly outsource the rest. On a side note, as a Generator in Human Design, doing stuff that doesn't light me up slows me down and creates more work versus less, so I would also suggest that business owners follow their strategy and authority. 

Virtual Bookkeeping Saves Time and Money

Hiring a virtual assistant with bookkeeping and accounting skills can save time and money by streamlining financial tasks, ensuring accurate records, and avoiding the need for additional resources like in-house accountants or accounting firms. 

For instance, at my previous business, hiring a virtual assistant proficient in QuickBooks helped us maintain organized financial records, track expenses, reconcile accounts, and prepare financial reports. 

This saved us significant time and allowed us to focus on other core business activities. By outsourcing these tasks, we avoided the costs associated with hiring a full-time accountant or engaging an accounting firm.

Enhancing Client Relationships and Growth

With my virtual assistant taking care of all those follow-ups, I can make sure no potential client slips through the cracks. By responding quickly and keeping the communication flowing, I've gained more clients and built strong relationships! It not only saves me time, but it also helps to build trust and keeps clients coming back for more.

Contributing to Faster Project Completion

Hiring a virtual assistant significantly saved time and resources during a major project rollout. They handled administrative tasks, managed schedules, and conducted preliminary research, which freed up our core team to focus on strategic planning and execution. 

This not only expedited the project timeline by 30% but also reduced operational costs by minimizing the need for additional full-time staff.

Einav Biri, CEO, FARUZO

Boosting Holiday Sales With Virtual Assistance

I run a small online business, and at one point, I was juggling everything—from customer service to inventory management. It was overwhelming and left me with little time to focus on growth strategies. That's when I hired a virtual assistant.

One instance that stands out was during the holiday season rush. My virtual assistant handled all the customer inquiries, freeing up my time to concentrate on optimizing sales strategies and managing stock. This helped in maintaining customer satisfaction and resulted in a significant increase in sales.

The lesson here is that delegating tasks can be a game-changer. Hiring a virtual assistant might seem like an extra expense, but the time they free up for you can be reinvested into growing your business. So, if you're wearing too many hats, consider hiring a virtual assistant. It saved me time and increased my earnings, and it can do the same for you.

Swena Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Freeing Time for Marketing Focus

One specific instance was when a virtual assistant saved my team and my valuable time and resources during a promotional campaign for our advanced Japanese learning program. 

With the rush of planning and executing the campaign, my assistant proved critical in handling the regular administrative tasks, such as responding to student inquiries, updating our website with current information, coordinating with our content creation team, and organizing internal communication. 

This freed up significant time for my team, allowing us to concentrate more fully on devising effective marketing strategies and ensuring a smoother campaign run.

Nooran Zafarmand, Co-Founder and CEO, Japamana

Research Outsourcing Yields Time and Savings

Outsourcing online research tasks to a virtual assistant can save you time and money by allowing you to focus on core activities while still benefiting from valuable insights. For example, a marketing agency hired a virtual assistant to conduct competitor analysis and market trends research. 

By outsourcing this time-consuming task, they saved over 20 hours per week for their team, enabling them to dedicate more time to strategy and implementation. They avoided the costs of hiring a market research specialist, resulting in significant cost savings.

Roy Lau, Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

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