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6 Monthly Tasks for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner it is normal to get caught up in daily operations and save reporting for the end of the month. However, you have to block CEO Time on your calendar to perform a business audit. This monthly review should include accomplishments, opportunities and analytic reports. Your future self will thank you for penciling in CEO Time during power hours.

Here are 6 things every small business owner should be doing monthly:

  1. Update Your Books

  2. Set Monthly Priorities

  3. Look at Social Media Insights

  4. Review Website Analytics

  5. Create Editorial Calendar

  6. Review Annual Goal Progress

You may already be outsourcing some of these. If that is the case, CONGRATS! If you are still wearing all the hats, let’s take a closer look at the “how to” for each task:

Updating Your Books

Reconcile your bank statements with your bookkeeping software, PAY YOURSELF, send invoices and pay business expenses.

Set Monthly Priorities

Create your Top 3 list for the month. These should complement the larger annual goals. An example of this could be upload your lead gen freebie or identify networking opportunities/events to attend.

Look at Social Media Insights

Review your post performance. Document the numbers on a social media report template so at a glance you can see which posts performed well-- topics, graphics, time of day etc.

Review Website Analytics

Document views, clicks, popular pages and where traffic is coming. Don’t forget to include new subscribers!

Create Editorial Calendar

Determine the topics for your social media, blog, YouTube videos and email newsletters. You can totally repurpose or expand on content from previous months.

Review Annual Goal Progress

Look to see where you are and identify the areas that may require a pivot. Take note of where you may be getting stuck and potential resources to help.

This may seem like more than one CEO meeting but once you get in a groove it’s not that bad. In fact you may leave the meeting with yourself feeling accomplished and proud! If you are feeling overwhelmed, the good news is the majority of the items on your monthly agenda can be outsourced when you are ready. Creative PlanHer is just Zoom meeting away. We can assist with the data entry and social media components. Book a FREE consult today!


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