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5 Tools for Your Social Media Manager

This month we have talked quite a bit about the benefits of using a project management tool in your small business. In a previous blog post we reviewed a few ways Trello could be used including social media planning. Let's take a deeper dive into the next steps to outsourcing social media once your roadmap is complete! In additional to your editorial calendar, you will need the following:

5 Tools for Your Social Media Manager

1. Graphic designer (Canva or Adobe InDesign)

This will be used to create your social media posts. You know those cute #mondaymotivationquotes or #techtuesday tips. Both of these allow you to create a brand kit making it easy for your social media manager to post content that is consistent in terms of colors and fonts.

2. Caption support (Grammarly)

Let’s face it, even the best copywriters have a typo every now and then. Grammarly is a free writing support tool. It catches spelling errors and makes suggestions based on context and sentence structure.

3. Stock photo album (Unsplash or Pixabay)

As much as we’d like to have 365+ brand images of ourselves, the truth is your social media account will include some curated stock images. These awesome websites give you the option to search by keywords and colors to find FREE photos aligned with your brand.

4. Social media scheduler (Later, Planoly or Hootsuite)

Who has time to post everyday?! Well, your social media manager (SMM) does with the support of a scheduler. Your new outsourced partner will batch content and pre-schedule posts allowing you guys to stay ahead of the game vs scrambling to figure out what to post.

5. Performance report

This is certainly not mandatory, but super helpful! Don’t you want to know if what your SMM is posting is working? Don’t you want to see which posts are high performing? The answer to both is YES! Tracking your stats help you create/modify upcoming editorial calendars and possibly pivot completely. Here is an example of a social media report template.

There is a good chance you are super overwhelmed after reading this. There is also a good chance that you already have some or all of the tools above for your social media manager. Don’t worry… the best part is your virtual assistant should be familiar with everything they need to execute your social media plan! Creative PlanHer is just a Zoom meeting away from getting this off your plate. Book a FREE consultation today!


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