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5 Tips for Copy Writing to Sell Your Product or Service to Your Ideal Audience

Writing good copy is truly a craft. Copy writers are hired because they can write a story that speaks to a particular audience with honest and brevity that captivate an audience. They have honed a skill that provides information, develops trust, and builds a relationship with the brand. Good writers have jobs in every industry, and truly will never be out of work if they know how to market themselves. If you have a business or service that you’re building online, you’ll need amazing copy to capture the best person for your brand.

Here are 5 Tips for Getting Copy Writing That Sell to Your Ideal Audience:

1. Hire a Professional

I highly suggest hiring a trained copywriter. Professional writers have honed their skills and have experience that will add a lot of value to your business. Hiring a copywriter also gives you the chance to pour yourself into what you’re best at while leaving the writing to somebody who does it for a living. Finding a good copywriter can save you time and energy but will save you stress in the end. The best way to find a professional writer is to go by recommendation from others. You can also put out a request on LinkedIn to see if there is anyone in your network who could help you find the right person for your business.

2. Take a Copywriting Course

As online businesses have exploded, so have the options for freelance writing classes. There are a lot to choose from, but most are affordable and teach you the key skills to sell products and services with the written word. Of course, good writing takes time, but taking a course can fast track your writing expertise. Make sure you read reviews of the course before investing to be clear on your expectations.

Two programs I highly recommend can be found here:

3. Know Your Audience

As a business owner, you should do research on your ideal audience. A big mistake is to think that your audience is everybody. Even if you have a product or service that you think everybody could use, not everybody can afford, wants, or needs what you have. Develop your ideal audience by looking at your business analytics. Who buys what you sell? What age are they? What demographic? Where do they live? The more you know about your ideal client, the more your copy can target them.

4. Know Your Product/Service

This may sound simple. OF COURSE, I know what I’m selling! But what you might not know is how your product or service looks to an outside audience. The only way you can get good copy is to know how the outside world sees you. Asking specific questions to a focus group can help you understand more how look, and even how your product tastes, feels, sounds (etc.) to other people. Although not everybody’s opinion will bear weight in your copy, you will get valuable feedback from the exact person you’re trying to sell to.

5. Write to Sell

The purpose of copy is to quickly inform your ideal audience about your product while building excitement and trust with your brand. Ultimately, you’re also trying to convince them to buy something from you. Keep your sentences short and your descriptions simple. Know and explain the features and benefits and speak in a language that your audience will understand. Good copy will not only sell once, but it will also build a following that will keep your clients coming back for more. Your clients will share your information to other ideal clients, and you will build a following.

Writing is a special skill set that can be developed over time. If you don’t have time to learn how to do it yourself, hire a copywriter. Regardless, knowing your business inside and out will help you get great copy that will help you sell your business and service in an authentic way.

Heidi is the Founder of Manifest Ink, LLC, a marketing and writing service company dedicated to developing a marketing plan that aligns with her client's mission, vision and values to show the positive impact their company is making for the environment, their community and the people around them. To get connected with Heidi you can contact her here and on LinkedIn.


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