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4 Quick Outsourcing Wins As An Entrepreneur

Owning a small business has many layers that aren’t necessarily captured in your business plan. One of these areas is outsourcing and delegation. For entrepreneurs staffing can be a point of contention, yet it’s not possible to manage EVERYTHING long term.

So how/where do you start? In one of our previous blog posts we reviewed the differences between an online business manager and virtual assistant. Once you have completed this assessment you can begin your outsourcing roadmap.

Chances are as a solopreneur your first “hire” will be a contracted resource that will help you out on a project or part-time basis. If you are bursting at the seams yet have zero time to develop an onboarding strategy and create reference/training materials, don’t worry you can still get help!

4 Quick Outsourcing Wins

  • Research

Do not waste another minute collecting price comparisons, application pros and cons or event/venue fees. This is something that can be easily outsourced with little preparation/guidance. Create the high level bullet point instructions and hand this off.

  • Calendar Management

Trying to coordinate a meeting between 3+ people can seem like an impossible task. Multiple emails back and forths, determining who’s Zoom to use or making reservations at an in-person location can take hours! Not anymore… OUTSOURCE THIS!

  • Data Entry

Honestly, who really enjoys or has time to update spreadsheets, contact lists, financial reports?! Someone does, but should not be you as a busy small business owner. Delegate this to your VA.

  • Travel Coordination

You may think you have to book your flight, hotel and rental car because you have a rewards number… WRONG! Simply document key travel information such as dates, preferred time, location AND any member/account numbers and LET IT GO!

These four tasks SHOULD provide immediate relief and hopefully this is the beginning to a successful long-term business partnership with your virtual assistant. The items listed are simply suggestions. They may not apply to you. Here are some other recommendations suggested by

It’s quite possible you are ready to go for the gusto and are ready to outsource the above and more. Creative PlanHer is just a Zoom call away! We are here and ready to talk through where you may see the highest return as it relates to delegating tasks. Book your FREE consult today!


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